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While a romantic getaway or a weekend with the ladies might be fun, nothing beats traveling with the whole family. From my small unit of 3 to multi-generational vacations, this Fat Mama thinks family just makes travel more exciting. But too much of a good thing can feel overwhelming. Don’t sweat it! Even if you have a family as large as Bilbo Baggins’, traveling the Fat Mama way will make it fun and enjoyable for everyone (especially the person in charge of planning everything)! 

The  more we get together, the happier we'll be.

I am the organizer in my family. Now that Jackalope and I both have kids, traveling with family has become even more important and a favorite way of building lasting memories. But even when its just Fat Papa, Itsy Bitsy, and me, travel with a spouse and at least one kid in tow is different than any other kind of travel. Family travel has its own challenges, compromises, and rewards. Over the years I have become an expert at family travel with our nuclear family and our big multi-generational family as well. Let me share my Fat Mama insights with you.

Looking for advice about your next family adventure?

Whether you are looking for great kid activities for your trip, a customized multi-generational itinerary, or a fully planned and managed family vacation, Fat Mama's got you covered. Schedule a one-on-one Travel Consultation today to get your family travel questions answered. 



I haven't been everywhere yet, but it's on my list! As Fat Papa, Itsy Bitsy, and I make our way around the world, I am putting together itineraries documenting everything that we do on our adventures. But even better, I am creating additional itineraries to optimize your vacations in some of my favorite destinations. Check back regularly as I am always finding new activities and researching amazing locations to create itineraries that are sure to please everyone who travels with you. 


Packing Lists

Clothes, shoes, sun screen, memories, and adventure. From the tangible to intangible, I'm going to help you pack accordingly so that all you really have to focus on is packing in the fun! 


They don't call me Fat Mama for nothing. Do you really think I can travel without finding amazing places to eat? Like that one time I became obsessed with and insisted we eat at one restaurant every night even though there were tons of new places to try but I couldn't even think about them because OMG the food, the views, the ambiance, the drinks ... yes Lava Lava Beach Club I'm talking about you. Don't get too excited, I also do the same thing with Culver's when we go to Wisconsin. From fine dining to local chain restaurants, I will share all my favorite food finds with you. And I'll try to not obsess over them too much. 


TWF (Traveling While Fat)

TWF can often feel more like WTF. From travel accommodation designed for skinny people so that corporations can squeeze every dollar out of consumers to social norms that just don't feel that normal (or friendly). Traveling While Fat can be awkward if not down right hostile. Then when you throw kids into the mix, the stress increases 10-fold! But never fear, Fat Mama is here. I will share with you all my experiences, stories, adventures, misadventures, and advice about traveling while fat, with kids. Hopefully you will learn from some of my mistakes, gain confidence far sooner than I did, and be able to get out and live a big beautiful, traveful life! 


Traveling With Kids

I don't know if there is anything more rewarding or more stressful than traveling with kids. But, once you've got them you might aw well bring them along. Fat Papa and I have learned that traveling with Itsy Bitsy might make everything more difficult, but it also opens our eyes to seeing the world in a whole new way. PLUS, we get to do all that fun stuff we haven't done since we were a kid because we have her with us! So, pack your patience and your kids and enjoy traveling together.