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While it is never polite to ask a woman her weight, I can assure you that I am an authority on being a Fat Mama. As a 5’4" tall, 250+ pound woman, I know the discomfort of TWF (traveling while fat) and I have learned all sorts of way to make TWF easier, more enjoyable, and even work in my favor. But, the most important thing I have learned is to NEVER let my weight hold me back from doing the things I love!  

Learning to love myself the way I am ... well that has been a more difficult journey. One that I am still working on. But through life experience, laughter, and packing my patience everywhere I go I am starting to accept that I really do deserve taking care of too.

Get ready for your next BIG adventure

Regardless of your waistline, these Fat Mama tried-and-true approaches to life and travel will help any adventurer embrace their uniqueness, gain confidence, and learn to love themselves!

Looking for advice about your next BIG adventure?

Whether you are looking for TWF suggestions specific to your trip, a customized itinerary made to meet your unique needs, or a fully planned and managed vacation, Fat Mama's got you covered. Schedule a one-on-one Travel Consultation today to get your travel needs met. 


Learning to Laugh 

Learning to laugh at yourself is one of the best confidence boosters anyone, of any size, can learn. When I learned to stop caring about what other people thought, my life improved for the better ... especially the way I traveled. Because I stopped taking myself so seriously, I put myself out there in all sorts of fun ways that let me live in the moment and enjoy life. That's how Fat Papa and I ended up riding tandem on a snowmobile made for kids doing laps around a putting green mid-winter in Lake Tahoe. 


My Favorite Things

Lets face it, sometimes TWF means you need to gear up in a TWF appropriate way. But you know what I have found? Skinny people have their own travel problems too. So forget your size and focus on your needs. For me, that means comfort, durability, and machine washable! Here you will find some of my favorite items that have made TWF easier. So, pack your towel and whatever other gear is going to make travel more enjoyable for you and get going on your next big adventure. 


Love Yourself

Learning to really love myself and accept me for me has been my hardest journey in life, and oh ducky it's not over yet! Everyday I have to remind myself to be kind, caring, and loving to me. Its easy taking care of those around me, but to remember I'm worth taking care of too ... that's a whole different story. I hope my experiences learning to quiet the negative voices in my head, love me for me, and F$%@ those people who think I'm just too much will help you to love you too!