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Where All My Working Mamas At?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

As I start my adventure into travel blogging, I am doing a TON of research. This Fat Mama is approaching this new venture with a bachelor’s degree in history, 7 years of experience running an educational services small-business, 3 years as CEO of an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and 4 classes short of a master’s degree in US History. I’m not about to start ANYTHING without researching it first. So, what am I finding?

I am finding endless blogs about single ladies traveling, world and life school traveling with kids, budget travel and websites on how to get the biggest bang for your buck with 5 kids in tow. I’m even finding a GOODLY number of blogs from professional bloggers … you know the ones who said DUCK IT to the world, quit their jobs, took year-long honeymoons and launched new careers from those experiences (Practical Wanderlust and Two Fat Americans, I love your blogs). But let’s get real … kids or no kids, family, married or single … most of us can’t stop adulting for a year to just travel!

So, where does this leave me?

Itsy Bitsy at work with me when I don't have childcare.

There is a wide world of travel bloggers out there. It seems like there is something for everyone. I even came across great travel blogs and communities for fat women like me (you go Fat Girls Traveling!). But what I didn’t see were blogs written for parents who are holding down good, stable, benefits-offering jobs, who have the money to travel, have the desire to travel, have kids and want to travel, but DON’T HAVE THE TIME to do the research, to read dozens of not-quite-the-right-fit blogs, to scrutinize TripAdvisor, to plan, book, and manage a 7-day vacay. This is a BIG gap in travel writing right now. How do I know?

I am that audience!

Itsy Bitsy "helping" with dinner.

Fat Papa has worked 50–60-hour weeks consistently for the 10+ years that I have known him and add to that 2 hours of commuting every day. For the last 7 years, I have put in between 40-60 hours a week plus managed our household. Working mamas (stay-at-home mamas you’re right here too, don’t let NO ONE tell you that you are not a working mama!), you know what I am talking about: we might have help and appreciate the help, but, scheduling everything, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, paying bills, PTA, HOA, volunteering, or whatever you got going on, is ducking hard. When you live and work busy lives, in active communities, with or without kids, making the time to plan a vacation is tough. Don't even get me STARTED on trying to work around pets too! Do you see this video? When we first got this little guy I couldn't get ANYTHING done.

I don’t want a blog all about the best budget travel deals in Costa Rica. Please, do not show me another gorgeous photo of a skinny 20-something in a bikini on a beach in Bali. If I read one more article titled "Flying With Kids" only to realize that the family uses their flights to knock-out homeschooling assignments, I swear I will scream. None of these apply to my life. If these are your blogs, awesome, that’s great, good for you! Boy, would I have been jealous 3 years ago. Now?

Now, I am unemployed, living in the Santa Cruz Mountains, with TONS of time on my hands and I am going stir crazy to travel. BUT OH MY GOD … no one who is living a life like those of my friends and I are blogging about travel as stressed out, willing-to-pay parents who just need a good break from reality, and, oh, if you’re fat like me, that would be a BIG bonus. Where are my people?

Since I can’t find it, I’m just going to have to do it myself. However, unlike the Little Red Hen who grew the grain, harvested the grain, ground the grain, and made the bread, I will gladly, and WITHOUT resentment, share all my grains of awesome family and fat travel goodness with you!

Poipu State Beach, Kauai (April 2021)

What can you expect from this Fat Mama?

  1. TWF – Traveling While Fat stories, advice, guides, tips and tricks

  2. Full itineraries and travel guides for ANY destination Fat Papa, Itsy Bitsy and I have traveled

  3. Inspiration itineraries for places we have not been, but I have researched, and cannot wait to go

  4. How to keep a travel mindset even when your next vacay is months away

  5. Advice for the best ways to plan, book, reserve and pay for travel

  6. Tons of fowl language, bad puns, and mom jokes (way worse than dad jokes)

Koloa Landing Resort, where we stayed on our last trip to Kauai (April 2021)

Most of all, dear reader, you can expect great stories about my experiences as a Fat Mama traveling with Fat Papa and Itsy Bitsy. We quack ourselves up and are sure to bring a smile to your face and inspiration for your next family adventure. Quack On!

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