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Travel for a Cause

Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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Travel for a Cause provides a direct link between donors and recipients to insure donations are having the biggest impact possible. By coordinating logistics between locals on the ground and donors back home Travel for a Cause is able to quickly get aid to those who need it most and adapt to their changing needs.

100% of donations go to aid workers, humanitarian causes, and displaced people to meet the needs of the moment.



Displaced Ukrainians are in need of our help. As a seasoned traveler and someone with 20+ years of experience in logistics, entrepreneurial business, project management, event planning, and coordination of aid programs, I am acting as a funnel point for people wanting to make their impact felt on the frontlines of the Ukrainian crisis.

Through aid work and networking on the ground in Poland I am insuring that all monetary and physical donations make it into the hands of humanitarian workers and/or displaced Ukrainians.


You can help by providing funds that will go directly to Ukrainians who have fled their home. Donations are used to:

  • Fund long term and short term shelters

  • Provide meals and food

  • Pay for transportation of displaced people beyond the Ukrainian border (car rides, trains, planes)

  • Provide care and sanitary items for women and children

  • Other needed supplies and materials to address the changing needs of Ukrainians


Support and sponsor aid workers by donating funds to help provide needed services and support for those providing aid to Ukrainians. Donations are used to:

  • Assist, subsidize, and/or cover travel costs

  • Provide safe housing

  • Subsidize meals and other cost of living expenses while aid is being provided

  • Other needed supplies and materials to address the changing needs of aid workers

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