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Barnabas Ministries

Sebiș 315700, Romania

Organization Type

Faith Based Charity


Barnabas Ministries is dedicated to protecting and providing hope to families and children in rural Romania through education, empowerment and advocacy!


HELP UKRAINIANS FIND REFUGE You can help Ukrainians find refuge and a safe home away from home by donating to financially supporting their stay here in Romania. Many Ukrainians have been fleeing their country and entering Romania and other bordering countries. Casa Ezra will be opening up to any Ukrainians in transit (15 people at a time). During their stay food, housing and transport will be provided. For families that will need a more permanent place, plans are currently being made together with church’s, businesses and city leadership’s from the Arad county.

100% of your donations designated for helping Ukrainian refugees through Barnabas Ministries will be used for this purpose!


The next few years will be important years as we build a Community Center and Church that will impact this area for generations to come.

Over the last few years we have purchased land for this project upon which are several existing buildings in much needed repair.

Our first project would be to renovate and extend, one of the existing buildings to use as an afterschool program. This would help 20-25 needy kids and is our most critical need.

EDUCATIONAL PARK Last fall, a representative from our district counsel met with us to discuss working together on a project at the community center property. We then determined that an educational/play park is what our community needs: a free, clean, open space, filled with fun, attractive and interesting activities, where children, teens and families can gather often to relax and build relationships.

This playground will also benefit children attending the future afterschool which we are presently working towards.


Over the years we have seen how much of an impact one camp can have in children, teens and adult lives. One week, no distractions, fully being able to concentrate on God… this can be life changing.

The camps we do, take a lot of time and effort to prepare, but it has always been worth it.

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