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David Jacobs - Humanitarian Volunteer

David, a volunteer for the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis in Krakow, Poland shares his admiration of the Ukrainian people and requests aid to assist in the ongoing relief efforts.

Today I made my first delivery of donation items to the refugee center established by the Krakow Municipality at their main train station. While there, I spoke with multiple volunteers who told me about the need for monetary support and how grateful they were for non-affiliated volunteers (people not working with specific aid organizations in Poland) who were showing up with items to donate or, cash in hand, ready to purchase and deliver supplies. One of the biggest challenges aid workers and humanitarians are facing in providing for displaced Ukrainians is the fact that their needs, the supplies on hand, and available funds change daily (sometimes hourly). Having people show up, ask for a list of the current needs, then actually go and purchase those items, and bring them back ready for distribution has been a huge help for both aid workers and Ukrainians.

In a short video David Jacobs, an Arizona resident, expresses his admiration for the Ukrainian people and appreciation of monetary and physical donations from people all over the world. Click here to view David’s video.

Please consider donating to a “gopher” like Fat Mama who is on the ground in Poland, ready with transportation, and able to check in daily with organizations to meet their daily needs. To donate directly to Fat Mama’s Travel for a Cause please visit or to donate directly to Jodie Fillhardt (aka Fat Mama) via Venmo: @Jodie-Fillhardt. Fat Mama is currently on the ground in Krakow and has plans to return every few months while it is safe to do so to volunteer as a gopher. All funds donated will be used in direct support of the Ukrainian people. Funds donated while Fat Mama is not in Krakow will be immediately transfered to Soroptimist International - Krakow, a charity dedicated to women helping women, which is also providing daily aid.

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